Published on January 3, 2008 By cutt3r In Websites
I'm a graphic design student currently quite fed up with my program and my school. I need a few projects to a) re-enforce what I know, challenge me to create more, and c) add to my portfolio. For these reasons I am looking for material to make 10 websites around. In exchange for your content and your vision, I will give you clean, valid, standards-compliant code. Further, for helping me out now I will give you a discount later on more complicated sites should you choose to hire me to work for you in the future.

I want to make 10 complete sites; that means no myspace layouts, no blog layouts, no CSS filler for someone else's sites.
I'll be working on a first come - first serve basis, but I should be able to complete 1 site per day for 10 days.
I will use your images, or can create a limited number (due to time restrictions) to accompany the pages.

XHTML and CSS - anything goes as long as it can be done with those and those alone.
e-mail me at
I'll be posting this offer on Facebook, MyOpera, and Deviantart as well.

on Jan 03, 2008
I'm currently rewriting totally (from scratch) my own but if you want give it a try you are welcome

on Jan 03, 2008
Finally, a website builder that doesn't add pointless stuff to your code!!!

Very generous offer... How do you get that kind of time?
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